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Fake Bags It will inevitably be a difficult, but necessary, process.Please note that while we’re laying out the options for replacing each of 2017’s 10 best free agents (presented in alphabetical order), we’re excluding those who are locks to return to their current organizations. Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant aren’t leaving the Golden State Warriors, while the Washington Wizards will surely match any and all offers for Otto Porter Jr.If Danilo Gallinari turns down his$16.1 million player option and seeks a new home, the Denver Nuggets can afford to let him walk and replace him internally.No player on the roster can do as much on the offensive end, but they have different skills and/or upside that would allow Replica Designer Handbags them to assume major minutes while handing more scoring responsibility to other positions.Wilson Chandler is still on the roster for another year, and his two way versatility makes him a solid fit next to Nikola Jokic, Gary Harris and the team’s other youngsters. Denver could also test Malik Beasley at the 3, and it still views Juancho Hernangomez as a long term combo forward or small forward, rather than just a pure power forward.Plus, the team can go small.Lineups with Harris or Will Barton sliding up to the 3 make even more sense as Jamal Murray continues to gain comfort in the NBA.But due to the wealth of internal options, that money would more likely be allocated toward chasing a superstar point guard (Chris Paul or Kyle Lowry) or power forward (Blake Griffin).It could also be used to absorb salary in a trade for a bona fide stud such as Jimmy Butler or Paul George, though moving for either of those men would involve dealing plenty of draft picks and prospects.Kevin Durant and Gordon Hayward aren’t coming to Denver. Fake Bags

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