2, 2016″ > >In hunt for hidden QB gems, Kevin

2, 2016″ > >In hunt for hidden QB gems, Kevin Hogan fits profile of NFL draft findDan WiedererMike Bloomgren freezes for a moment. In his detailed recap of the five years he spent with quarterback Kevin Hogan at Stanford, Bloomgren has been asked to pinpoint a telling moment in which Hogan talent and vision came to the forefront. He pauses.

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There was an altercation outside the club. You jumped into your limo with a group of people and drove away. And two guys were found stabbed and killed, and you were charged with double murder.. ‘Drunk packing’ could have dangerous consequences On some college campuses, there’s a practice called “drunk packing” and students say they do this to help a friend who may have drank too much. But doctors are putting out a warning saying this is not a safe option. Health 1 day ago Politics Richest Oregonians benefit most from proposed federal tax cuts.

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