Mum accuses school of sexism after son’s excluded over tying up hair in Gareth Bale

buy moncler jackets style bobble during examsMacauley Wade, 16, from Grimsby, was told tying up his long hair to keep it out of his eyes his exams turned it into an ‘extreme haircut’ by the Havelock Academy buy moncler jackets

09:52, 31 MAY 2018Macauley Wade, 16, with his mum, moncler outlet store Theresa (Image: Grimsby Telegraph/BPM Media)

monlcer down jackets An angry mum has accused her son’s school of sexism after he was excluded for having his hair tied back in a Gareth Bale style bobble to keep it out of his face during exams. monlcer down jackets

moncler mens jackets Macauley Wade, 16, has been told that he won’t be allowed to attend Havelock Academy for the remainder of the year because he has an “extreme haircut”. moncler mens jackets

moncler sale outlet Grimsby Live reports that they do not have an issue with the length of his hair, just that it was tied back. moncler sale outlet

Footballer Gareth Bale famously wears his hair up to keep it out of his eyes while playing.

moncler sale The school’s uniform policy states moncler sale outlet that ‘hairbands should be plain and subtle’. moncler sale

cheap moncler However it does not refer to male or female pupils, and Macauley’s mother Theresa Wade, has accused the academy of sexism over the issue. cheap moncler

She says that girls would not be treated in the same fashion and claims that Havelock are trying to ruin his “individuality” and are forcing moncler factory outlet their pupils to become “robots”.

cheap moncler sale Around 70 pupils in isolation for refusing to remove Marie Curie daffodils from school blazers cheap moncler sale

moncler outlet online To make matters worse for the young student, he is in the middle of sitting his GCSE exams, and has been moncler jacket sale told that he cannot come into the school to attend special revision classes for his upcoming exams. moncler outlet online

He was told to leave the school last Wednesday and that he would not be allowed back with his hair in a bobble.

Macauley, of Grimsby, said: “I had put my hair in a bobble to stop it falling down into my face when I moncler outlet sale am doing my exams or studying.

cheap moncler jackets the original source “But when I went into school last Wednesday, I was pulled aside by the deputy head who moncler jackets outlet told me that I have an extreme haircut and would have to go home. cheap moncler moncler outlet uk jackets

“I ended up sitting in reception for nearly two hours waiting to be collected, and wasn’t allowed to go to any of the classes that were on, it just doesn’t seem right to me.”

moncler outlet sale The Havelock Academy uniform policy states that “long hair must be tied up for PE/practical Science and/or subjects” which the Wade family believe that they have fully adhered to. moncler outlet sale

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Theresa said that they have never had a problem with the school before, and that her son’s hair used to be far longer and messier than it is now.

moncler moncler outlet outlet She said: “I don’t know why they have decided to do this now right in the middle of his GCSE exams. moncler outlet

cheap moncler outlet “He has had long hair for a long time, cheap moncler jackets sale and it used to be really messy before he recently got it cut to make it look more neat and tidy. cheap moncler outlet

“The school had never once cheap moncler outlet complained about his messy hair, and it just seems sexist that they have excluded him because his hair is in a bobble, girls are allowed to do it so why not Macauley.