a certified laboratory now on Maui

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cheap nfl jerseys Here their take: ON BRODEUR: played three different times with him on Team Canada. Very competitive. Very bright. KAHULUI, Hawaii The Hawaii Department of Health (DOH) approves Pharmlab Hawaii LLC, a private independent laboratory on Maui, to begin testing medical cannabis from Hawaii licensed medical cannabis dispensaries and registered patients and caregivers.DOH granted Pharmlab Hawaii a provisional certification after the laboratory successfully passed its final onsite inspection and met requirements that demonstrate it has the capacity and proficiency to test cannabis and manufactured cannabis in compliance with state law.Pharmlab Hawaii is the second laboratory to receive DOH approval for medical cannabis testing. The first laboratory, Steep Hill Hawaii, received its provisional certificate in July. DOH anticipates that a third company, Oahu based Aeos Labs, which is operated by Clinical Labs of Hawaii, could be ready for an on site inspection by January 2018.Pharmlabs provisional certificate is expected to help meet the demand for safe and legal medical cannabis from dispensaries for registered patients on Maui.a certified laboratory now on Maui, dispensaries will no longer have to transport cannabis samples to Oahu for testing, which could potentially reduce costs and allow for faster approval time, says Wanda Chang, DOH environmental health analytic services branch chief. cheap nfl jerseys

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