A GE share sale would be tough to explain

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canada goose coats on sale Among other issues, they point to GE’s $31 billion pension shortfall, the largest among S 500 companies.Deutsche Bank analyst John Inch spooked investors on Friday by warning in a report that GE’s “cash squeeze” is so serious that the company may need to raise money by issuing canada goose outlet winnipeg more stock.GE hasn’t sold shares to the public since 2008, when Warren Buffett and other shareholders came to the rescue during the financial crisis. GE would surely prefer not to take such a drastic move now because it would dilute the value of the shares people already have.A GE spokeswoman told CNNMoney that the company has “absolutely no plans” to issue more stock. She noted that GE has already taken steps aimed at shoring up its balance sheet, including the dividend cut and planned asset sales.A GE share sale would be tough to explain. canada goose coats on sale

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