” A unique, individual human life is surely what we mean by “a

He or she is “unique” because the unborn child is distinct from its mother, father, and all other living things; she has her own unique and complete genetic fingerprint. She is “human” because she has a distinctly human genotype (meaning that she cannot naturally develop into a being of any other species). And she is clearly “alive.” A unique, individual human life is surely what we mean by “a human being.” If she is not a human being, what kind of “being” is she?. They sway with every step. La Rsistance: The original La Rsistance, no less. Large Ham: Kurt Dierker. Unresolved Sexual Tension: As opposed to the Belligerent Sexual Tension of the cartoon. What Have I Become?: Link in the storyline “The Price,” when he becomes corrupted by the Triforce of Power. What the Hell, Hero?: Zelda does this throughout “The Price” up to and including pointing out that being corrupted by the Triforce of Power has caused the Triforce of Courage to pull a Screw This, I’m Outta Here! on Link..

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