All have friends who are waiters or waitresses or bartenders

“Tumhara gaana sunke mera naachne ko man karta hai. Tum jahan bhi gaane jao heart beads for bracelets, mujhe saath le jaana (I feel life dancing on hearing your voice, take me along wherever you go to sing),” overwhelmed with emotion, classical vocalist Soma Ghosh voice quivers as she recounts Kathak queen Sitara Devi, 94, who breathed her last in the early hours on Tuesday. “I think I was lucky she took to the stage the last time with me.”.

fashion jewelry NEW YORK Warren Buffett, who pitched newspapers as a teenage delivery boy, may be entering the final stretch of his for Capitalists, after cutting back his involvement in the event and opening it up for an online audience.This weekend gathering of Berkshire Hathaway Inc shareholders in Omaha, Nebraska for the company annual meeting likely won be the last.But its evolution mirrors the evolution in Buffett own leadership, focused more on the roughly 90 energy, insurance, manufacturing, railroad, retail and other companies in his empire, even as he delegates more to people who work under him.This month, for example, Berkshire General Re unit said its next chief will report not to Buffett, as the departing Tad Montross does, but to Ajit Jain, a top Buffett lieutenant.Buffett, 85, is the oldest chief executive of a Fortune 500 company, and has given no public sign he close to done.Turns out this is a Warren Buffett strategy that applies to SPAC investing, tooWant to pick a winning stock? Here are 5 basic techniques you need to learnFour lessons to help you be a good investor when it feels like the stock market world is coming to an endIn 2015, the world third richest person celebrated perhaps his final milestone anniversary at Berkshire, as more than 40,000 people descended on Omaha and overwhelmed its downtown CenturyLink Center to honor his 50 years at the helm.This year gala again features a cookout and five kilometre run, and centers on Saturday five hour question and answer session with Buffett and Vice Chairman Charlie Munger, 92.Buffett Omaha a heck of a lot of free visibility that a lot of cities would pay dearly for, said Ernie Goss, a professor at Creighton University there who studies the region economy.Still, there a catch. All have friends who are waiters or waitresses or bartenders, and Berkshire Hathaway investors are not the biggest tippers, he said. Is a message there: if he frugal, we going to be frugal. fashion jewelry

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