Also, most people don seem to understand how much time it

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buy canada goose jacket Comment replies consisting solely of images will canada goose black friday sale be removed. I drive 100 miles per day and I see more semis than I am comfortable with tailgating passenger cars canada goose uk shop or sometimes each other, plus those who do not bother to stay in their lanes especially at night/early morning. it cheap canada goose uk like they forget if they hit something their vehicle has all the force of a literal cruise missile and could easily kill someone. the most reckless driving trucker I ever saw actually did end up hitting my uk canada goose outlet car on my way to work too, he got in the far left canada goose factory sale lane just to do that, thankfully the highway was clear in front of me and I was able to floor it before any major damage occurred. he still managed to knock me from the center lane into the far right and destroy my Canada Goose Parka tire and my rim. buy canada goose jacket

cheap Canada Goose If you drive on Northern Blvd on Long Island in the morning, it full of semis and landscaping trailers blocking everyone from passing in the left lane, along with some retard doing 30 under on the right lane, both driving simultaneously right next to eachother. If you live on LI you know what I talking about. canada goose clearance sale On canada goose store top of that, people in canada goose clearance NY don canada goose give a shit they pass in canada goose coats on sale the oncoming lane of traffic (I guilty of it myself). So much danger is caused by such a seemingly innocent thing. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose store It just something that really gets on cheap Canada Goose my nerves and I had to vent. If you Canada Goose Outlet not passing, stay to the right. and drive a brand new Freightliner and it is not a legal requirement for there to be a roll canada goose outlet cage and I have never seen a truck with one. Not that I think it a bad idea. I team drive with my husband and my biggest fear is being in an accident and living while he dies. The videos and images out there show how easily these cabs get torn apart. This idea would be fought very hard Canada Goose online by drivers AND their companies because of the weight restrictions trucks must adhere to. canada goose store

canada goose clearance sale You say that as if that regulation is an inherently good thing. Assuming buy canada goose jacket you do think that, what Canada Goose Jackets your logic in coming to that conclusion? Lives can always be saved by spending more money on any given thing, so the line must be drawn somewhere. for vaccines in developing countries). If we had unlimited resources, sure, then roll cages for every vehicle (and air bags lining every sidwalk in case someone falls down, and so on down the line). Are you implying that the cost of roll cages for trucks is covered by the same entity as vaccines in developing countries? I just not sure why you think this is a limited resource issue. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Outlet If truck manufacturers are currently spending money on vacciness or some other life saving measures elsewhere Canada Goose Online and would need to reduce that cost in order to make Canada Goose sale roll cages, you would have a valid point. The canadian goose jacket training required to properly operate a big rig is far more than what is actually going on. I was lucky. When I got out of training I canada goose uk black friday drove canada goose uk outlet team with my brother who a seasoned driver. I learned way more from him than I did in school. I seen new drivers do some really crazy things. I been harassed (young female that I am) on the road by other drivers. Literally while driving. I also been hassled by DOT just for being a girl. Anyway, sexism aside, I was once in a white out in Iowa and a lady in an SUV decided it would be a good idea to hang out next to my rear trailer tires. If I slowed down, she slowed and the same if I sped up. I had to roll my window down and wave her off. Like someone else said here, if a blow out happens and you chilling by that tire, you probably fucked. Also, most people don seem to understand how much time it takes for a truck to stop. Not only is a trucker dealing with stopping canada goose coats a crazy amount of weight but the majority of rigs have air brakes. Air brakes take time to build buy canada goose jacket cheap pressure, granted it not a lot of Canada Goose Coats On Sale time, but compare that to hydrolics and it makes quite a difference Canada Goose Outlet.