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Series five features a bionic break dancer with titanium limbs and a DJ in super baggy jeans and clown face paint. But Gonzales also keeps the Homies true to real life, and he has said that his inspiration comes from years spent working in the Chicano community, being immersed in the ’70s and ’80s barrio culture he grew up in, a time Gonzales maintains was more innocent. Some of the Homies are loosely based on friends from back in those days, just regular neighborhood guys.

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Students of the Watergate era (or those old enough to have lived through it) will recall the dirty tricks played by Richard Nixon s henchmen, most notably Donald Segretti. Segretti, who was hired by Nixon s deputy assistant, Dwight Chapin, was tasked with smearing Democrats, including senator and 1972 presidential candidate, Edmund Muskie of Maine. Among several tricks, Segretti composed a fake letter on Muskie s letterhead falsely alleging that Sen.

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