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moncler outlet online Tiger Woods claims he is blessed to be playing at Carnoustie after fears he would never play The Open againThe former world No.1 missed the last two Opens due to back surgery but has since regained form and now hopes to contend for majors again12:14, 17 JUL 2018Updated12:19, 17 JUL 2018Tiger Woods is thankful to be back playing The Open (Image: REX/Shutterstock) “Watching it on TV it’s great seeing it on TV but it’s even better in person. I remember how it feels to come down the last hole with a chance to win it. And know that I may never have that opportunity again, there were some times in there where I just didn’t feel very good.The Open 2018 tee times: First round and second round pairing confirmed”But now to have moncler outlet uk the opportunity to come back to Carnoustie to play here in Scotland again, I’ve said before throughout this year, it’s been a blessing. moncler outlet online

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