‘As a counsellor I see people falling into a lull after

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Handy also studies mind wandering. In one recent experiment, published in Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, he and his collaborators found that acetaminophen seemed to make people care less about the mistakes they made when they zoned out. During the experiment, participants were asked to sit in front of a computer screen see this page and complete a repetitive task.

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moncler coats for men But for the past few years something has hung over my celebrations, an unwanted guest in the house which doesn’t take the form of an overbearing relative.While it may be related to Seasonal Affective Disorder, counsellor Rebecca McCann, from Click For Therapy, believes the long build up to Christmas may have a lot to answer for.’We have had months of preparation, talking about it, shopping for it, planning it whether we love it or hate it.’The drama builds and builds along with our expectations of self and others.New Year is the worst time to make resolutions here’s why you should make them in June’We then have the drama of New Year’s Eve, the high of going into a new year and the clean slate and again more expectations.’And then comes January, a time when we realise that the magic of Christmas is over for another year (or at least nine months), we have to wait longer for our pay cheque to come in, its dark, cold, rainy and there’s not a huge amount to look forward to.’This leads many of us to feel down, desolate even the new year’s resolutions we made may keep us going for a short time, but more often than not they are lost in the fog of January.’As a counsellor I see people falling into a lull after Christmas. It’s a time when perhaps we actually should be hibernating, recharging ourselves, but modern life doesn’t tend to allow for that.’I see people who are exhausted physically and emotionally drained and this exhaustion means that our stress response kicks in, and this drains us further.’This is different to depression, its short term exhaustion and by allowing yourself to rest, to rejuvenate, taking the pressure off and healing from the drama of the Christmas period you can often recharge yourself and lift your mood.’I believe that January is a time for reflection and rest. This does not mean make a load of resolutions that you are unlikely to follow through, it means rest!’It’s no surprise that the most depressing day of the year, known as Blue Monday falls in January (this year it’s the 15th) albeit the pseudoscientific term was originally coined to sell holidays.After a few years of feeling this way, I found getting back to the gym, focusing on positive things happening in the year ahead and trying not to ‘eat my emotions’ (aka inhale the tub of Quality Streets) helps.But others have found alternative constructive ways of beating the January Blues.Dr Pragya Agarwal, founder of mental health social enterprise The Art Tiffin, finds her anxiety worsens at the start of the year’I’m focusing on January to revive, relax and refresh.’I’m also focusing on celebrating achievements from the past year, and being authentic and true everyday rather than make huge resolutions.Feminine hygiene advert celebrates all the different shapes and sizes of vulvaeWoman’s excruciating endometriosis has left her trying for a baby for nine yearsThe UK has met the UN’s targets, but we can’t let this jeopardise the goal of zero HIV’My aim is to remind myself moncler outlet sale and others that we don’t need to change ourselves just because we have entered a new year, and that we are already strong, cherished, loved and fabulous.’The Art Tiffin is running a 30 day creativity challenge throughout January and launched New Year, Same Me social media campaign (newyearsameme) focussing on loving yourself the way you are.Booking holidays seem to be another way of helping fight https://www.cheapmoncleroutleti.com January blues believes, Tom moncler outlet Bourlet, Spaghetti Traveller blogger and senior digital marketer at The Stag Company moncler coats for men.