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Canada Goose Online I want to keep this simple because politics has been so grating of late. My friends have turned off notifications on their Facebook feeds, tired of hearing about the election. Many have already voted. I wasn’t going to opine further on current events this November, but then a news item caught my attention. In the video below, the young man addressing canada goose outlet new york the camera defends his choice of political candidates, stating that we need to put an end to “Zionism.” A fan of David Duke, he explains that Zionism means that a group of people are controlling the money, the jobs and have unfairly taken opportunities from other deserving people. He is asked by the reporter if he’s talking about the Jews and gives an answer about Zionism being a movement that includes Jews but does not exclude others, particularly from the Middle East. I don’t think it would be hyperbolic to say he might be surprised I don’t have horns if we ever met in person. This is canada goose jacket outlet uk a man who no doubt also wrongly equates all Muslims with terrorism. Canada Goose Online

canada goose coats Let’s talk about the Z word. Growing up attending Jewish day school, we were taught the word “Tzion,” the canada goose outlet los angeles Hebrew pronunciation for Zion, as meaning having a love for Israel. As kids canada goose outlet winnipeg we were not hyper aware of some Haredi (ultra orthodox) Jews’ contention that Zionism is secularism because when Theodore Herzl historically was working towards a Jewish state in the land, some Eastern European Jews felt that Halacha (Jewish law) would be compromised by secular laws of the land’s inhabitants. The political dialogue about whose homeland it is and whether or not and how we can coexist was not attached to the initial canada goose outlet discussion of what “Zionism” meant. Talking about Jews living safely in Israel meant we didn’t want war and violence and we didn’t want the fighting. Heated debates from all different sides would later come to my attention, with Herzl’s wanting a safe place for Jews, a “Jewish homeland” subjected to interpretation. Some of the things Herzl was quoted as saying met with controversy and still does today. In my teens and upward, I would hear experts from all walks of life weigh in on this. canada goose coats

Canada Goose Parka “Whoah! Whoah! Hold up!” I explained while getting frazzled. “The Israeli Defense Forces don’t attack. They DEFEND everyone living in Israel threatened by the bad guys. They only attack if they are under attack. And ‘Zionism’ is not a dirty word. My middle name is Tziona. I don’t love the sound of it on the ears, but the meaning is positive. It means someone who loves Israel, but that certainly doesn’t make me a canada goose outlet reviews savage!” Canada Goose Parka

canada goose uk black friday It should be noted that my friend and I have a very good relationship, we see eye to eye canada goose outlet nyc on most things, but have been infused with some different cultural messages. For years, certain news outlets have attached a negative connotation to Zionism. I love Israel personally and I canada goose outlet miami feel a strong pull towards peace and coexistence (it’s easier said than done and the Middle East problem will not be reconciled any time soon). I have friends who are American Muslims as well as Jewish friends from all over the world. Part of the reason I don’t live in Israel is because I want to avoid feeling conflicted, although Jews and Muslims (as well as some Palestinians) in Israel do live peacefully in certain areas. They also do work together harmoniously in certain industries. canada goose uk black friday

canadian goose jacket It is understandable however that tensions are high in a way one might not experience as a Jew or a Muslim living in the US. My Israeli friends have been hardened by devastating losses and negative experiences. I don’t have Palestinian friends in Israel, but I can imagine their emotions. It’s impossible to live in Israel and not feel passionately in some way about the conflict. Others disagree with my feelings about me personally living in Israel. They say it wouldn’t change me in this regard. The truth is, I don’t know. I can say that I generally feel things strongly, get upset enough in America and my blood pressure is not genetically predisposed to be as low as it is now. Zionism certainly does NOT mean that the Jews are taking over jobs, are the ones who have the money (I say this as a Jew who is not wealthy) and are taking over Hollywood. That is something canada goose outlet in montreal else: it’s called “Jewish Stereotypes.” Another day we can discuss which ones spring from realities and which do not, but that is not for this article. This is Alex Jones, and Steve Bannon, spouting the likes of canada goose outlet vancouver Goebbels into the psyche of modern day America. He’s talking about the KKK conspiracy theory that Jews control all the money and run the world. The proliferation of this crap is rampant and we are going to be dealing with the renewal of it for years and years to come.” canadian goose jacket

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Getting back to my own experience with the word, when my parents named me “Shira Tziona” they had a SINGULAR sentiment in mind, their love of Israel. Heated political words and anti Palestinian sentiments were not part of my home life. I gave my mom and dad a very hard time about my middle name (which rhymes with “Fiona,” The “Tz” is pronounced like Tse in “Tsetse fly”). I expressed how much I hated it linguistically as I was growing up. My youngest son now does the same thing with regard to his own middle name. printed on a check or in my signature) or told people growing up what it was, for the sheer fact that I didn’t love the sound. Now I’m sharing the “secret” with whoever is reading. Zionism is not a dirty word for me, and for so many others who have a love for Israel and humankind Canada Goose Coats On Sale.