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There’s nothing worse than dropping a ton of money on a trendy new workout outfit only to have it end up shoved to the back of your dresser drawer. Sure, our expectations for aesthetics and performance are higher than ever in 2017. But above all else, your workout clothes still need to be comfortable or really, what’s the point? You’ll reach for something else every time if those cool new leggings come with a side of irritation.While there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to shopping for workout clothes after all, it’s primarily driven by the activity you intend to wear them for and your own preferences there are a few dermatologist guidelines that can help, especially if you suffer from sensitive skin.Here, derms share their tips for buying workout clothes you won’t regret later.But on a microscopic level, some of the synthetic fibers can be a bit more irritating Cheap Canada Goose, Zeichner cautions.

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