Both have specific “functional strength

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I own among other guns an AR 15 and an SL 7 (semi automatic H rifle). It is willfully ignorant to spout the “what even is an assault rifle?” bullshit. The canada goose black friday sale very utility which you are referencing is the same incredible capability for harm which others decry. I love my guns dearly. They provide utilitarian, recreational, and sentimental value to me. To me, my guns are fun and effective tools. But I not so naive to forget that above all else, they are weapons.

Canada Goose sale The term “Assault rifle” has a historic, precise definition, however in common speech the term is synonymous with weapon By the context of gun violence in the US, anyone saying assault rifle is speaking of semi automatic rifles with detachable magazines the majority of which are AR 15 variants. Falling back on pedanticism instead of presenting an argument detailing Canada Goose online the merits of semi automatic rifles canada goose deals is trite at best. Canada Goose sale

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canada goose factory sale Guess I wasn pedantic enough there. Not illegal Canada Goose sale but for most people they will go their whole lives without ever seeing one. Even those that are around guns a lot. canada goose factory sale

buy canada goose jacket I still think it dangerous to just go along with definitions used in casual conversation. If somebody is advocating for or against something I want to know precisely what they mean. And I don think most people mean “semi automatic rifles with detachable magazines” when they say “assault rifle”. buy canada goose jacket

canadian goose jacket It just such a devicive topic with wide ranging consequences that clear and consistent terminology should be used. Not to confuse or dismiss an argument but rather to refine it. And it doesn feel like “assault rifle” is helping that. canadian goose jacket

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Canada mycanadagoosejacket Goose Outlet The majority of people at any job don spend their free time after work learning how to improve their craft. I mean, if you already have a job as a buy canada goose jacket cheap programmer at Microsoft, there little motivation to become even more efficient you already quite efficient, no? This needs to be factored in. If you been at Microsoft for 4 years then you had enough time to make the decision of “am I going to be one canada goose outlet of the company best programmers or am I going to take my paycheck home and have a life”, canada goose coats on sale and this decision will certainly show in terms of job performance. Canada Goose Outlet

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canada goose uk shop This is non sense. To believe what you just wrote you have to think that practice doesn matter. You have to think that learning new skills or new things doesn matter. You have to think that after 8 hours of work you can learn anything different by doing something different in your field. Everything software engineers do is a solved problem; you just applying the known solution to your application. canada goose uk shop

Some people are going to be better programmers than you will ever be. This is true in almost everything cheap Canada Goose in life. It even true when you are the best in the world. The clock is ticking and the day comes when it your best and after that each day is a little worse and eventually someone else will be Canada Goose Jackets better than you.

So if you take someone smarter than you and they are passionate about it and they devote their lives to their craft then they are going to be wildly better at it. They are still only one person and those sacrifices are not insignificant.

canada goose store Around here the idea that you have to live and breathe coding to be any good is thrown around a lot. That simply isn the case. You can be a really good developer and not spend all your free time doing it. canada goose store

Canada Goose Parka There also seems to be canadian goose jacket this implication that you don learn on the job. That might be true some jobs. Maintaining a legacy system for years get pretty cut and dry after a few years. Maybe. I don know because I never had that job. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose Personally, I learn on the job all the damn time. You almost have to in my line of work. The company I work for makes software for other companies. Your next project could be completely different than the one you doing now. Even within the same technology stack. canada goose

canada goose clearance My point was that you can still be a damn good programmer and not have to devote your waking life to it. And if you don code in your off time that doesn make you a bad dev. Reddit has a problem with making things extremely binary canada goose store when it very rarely that. I was merely trying to counter some of it. canada goose clearance

I don’t know about that. I agree with you and think you’re right that the user you replied to has too narrow of a definition, but your example describes “functional strength” too, just a different function.

A powerlifter’s function might be to deadlift a lot of weight. A rock climber’s function might be to lift their body weight up a high obstacle. Both require different specific Canada Goose Outlet abilities, and neither one will work Canada Goose Parka as well for the other “function.”

Canada Goose Online A powerlifter needs more overall strength for their function, whereas the rock climber is more concerned with strength to weight, grip strength, flexibility, and endurance. Both have specific “functional strength,” and neither is generally superior to the other. Canada Goose Online

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I just googled “functional strength.” I had no idea, and the concept is still brand new to me, but it sounds like CrossFit propaganda to me.

canada goose coats on sale I want to take back any disagreement I had with you and redirect it towards them. It’s such a silly argument to claim that one type of strength is more functional than another. An canada goose NFL cornerback is going to have different needs and “functions” than a lineman, but both are essential defensive players. A more common set of examples might be a window washer versus a mover. canada goose coats on sale

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cheap Canada Goose It was the concept of “you good at what you train for” that really opened my eyes. The human body is lazy. It will only do as much as it needs to. You do olympic lifts all the time you not going to be good at acrobatic body weight stuff. cheap Canada Goose

CrossFit isn entirely wrong. It just buy canada goose jacket that they don do anything that is specific to “functional strength”. They do a lot of cross training. Aerobic, heavy, high reps, etc. Assuming a high level of dedication a Crossfit person will probably be okay at more things than a person that just does one thing. But not better at a thing that a person does all the time.

canada goose uk black friday Don be dense just for the sake of it. They are large outdoor beasts. They cost a fortune to feed. And, well, a bunch of other reasons that should be pretty obvious because it a damn cow canada goose uk black friday.