Both men’s and women’s suicide rates continue to grow in nearly

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canada goose outlet jackets Much of the suicide prevention conversation has focused on interventions that could help adult men, who account for roughly 7 out of 10 suicides in the United States. There are public service ads targeting the highsuicide rate among middle aged men,books exploring why so many men die by canada goose outlet in new york suicide globally, and numerous news reports on how suicide disproportionately affects men.But even as men account for the majority of deaths by suicide, women’s suicide rates have been increasing exponentially and outpacing men’s for about a decade, according to new government data.Both men’s and women’s suicide rates continue to grow in nearly all age groups,but women have seen an overall significantly higher increase since the turn of the millennium,according to a data brief published Thursday by the National canada goose outlet vancouver Center canada goose stockists uk for Health Statistics.The report found that the rate of women canada goose outlet nyc who died by suicide increased 50 percent, compared with 21 percent for men, from 2000 through 2016, the last year for which data are available.And while men’s rates have increased about 1 percent each year since 2010, the rate of women who died by suicide has seen an canada goose outlet buffalo average annual growth of 3 percent since 2007. And the leading methods of suicide for women were poisoning and firearms.We don’t have a good understanding of why it’s increasing in women, but it’s obviously very concerning to us.Dr. canada goose outlet jackets

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