But, I canada goose outlet washington dc (a broke guy)

Where is the best place to start seeding it

I don browse here much, but the title caught my eye.I not going to get into my personal canada goose outlet germany moral views canada goose outlet shop on general piracy, but I will say that canada goose outlet factory people like you who rip/upload/seed articles, journals, textbooks, etc. are definitely fighting the good fight. canada goose outlet london I appreciate ya.I years past college and I never used rental services like Chegg back canada goose outlet kokemuksia then, so I can comment on the cost/value of that. But, I canada goose outlet washington dc (a broke guy) borrowed “last editions” many times from people canada goose outlet legit who now had $100 paperweights from last semester. Those books obviously weren what was offered at the college book stores anymore (or “acceptable” for the class) they were fucking fine, canada goose outlet online store just had a different page with the info 97.5% of the time. Half canada goose outlet uk fake those “revisions” for lower level classes are a goddamn scam.Do you teach much undergrad? And are you at a public university?I ask because I attended a rather competitive state school with a large budget and applicants from all around the country, and despite this the professors basically had to fight for the right to determine their reading lists in undergraduate courses.In particular, virtually every undergraduate math canada goose shop uk class available to non math majors had a mandatory text book that came with canada goose factory outlet a numeric code printed on the inside jacket. You would enter the code on a website maintained by the publisher, and that gave you access to a canada goose outlet paypal paywalled (and terribly coded) web app which presented you with sample math problems to solve. These sample math problems were canada goose jacket outlet used to view publisher site comply with regulations on the standardized testing of mathematical literacy in the state, meaning the professor administering the class couldn simply opt not to assign the expensive textbook, and students couldn even buy used copies, as each “unlock code” was one use only and a used textbook would not permit you to fill out the legally mandated testing. Pretty much every undergraduate math class I took opened with the professor lamenting that they had to assign us a book that cost more than $200 for no good reason, and that we couldn pirate, rent, or borrow our way around canada goose outlet in chicago it.Now being on the other side of academia, I see this all too often. A couple of colleagues of mine wrote a few books and had canada goose outlet niagara falls them published. These books retail at $85.99 because the publisher demanded that price. My colleagues gets less than $1 per sale. It is ruthless.Fun fact, sometimes professors will actually email you the pdf of their books because they also know and believe that the prices are extortionate and/or pathetic. What is it, a forum, https://www.forcanadagoose.ru or a film noir?!Also, what kind of stupid test you talk about?Edit: You know, I canada goose outlet canada reading this fucking canada goose outlet in vancouver thing right now, and it so full of shit. Like this “rule”: “Any download should not be uploaded to another site within 72 hours of being downloaded.”That is exactly the opposite of what sharing website is supposed to do!Edit2: Jesus fucking christ, these people are complete idiots. So, for the first few days you have to maintain some ratio, then some other, and if not, you be banned. They stay selective because it canada goose outlet store new york ensures all the torrents are quality. Most of the torrents on public sites started on private sites then got re uploaded. Some times they get re uploaded with changes and compression people don want.I just DeDRMed a few school books and uploaded them. That got my ratio up, then people gave me bonus points as gifts which I use remove my hit and run flags from other torrents I download from the site.Like most private torrent sites you can always download freeleech content to boost your ratio and there is always some bonus point system to add more upload credit to your ratio. First they just canada goose outlet florida tried to discourage DMCA people, then they tried discouraging people uploading viruses and ransomware, then they had problems of torrents being listed with no seeds, then they had people using funky formats canada goose outlet authentic and one incident after another they add one more rule.

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