But it good to hear that lately they been cool

Fold 9 x 12 felt sheet in half lengthwise and cut down the center to create two long rectangles. Cut noodles at 1/2 inch intervals leaving the top 1/2 attached. Fold top over and sew down with a running stitch and matching thread. They were both good friends with Patrice, Bobby, Jim, O so on and so forth, even had the same background (starting out in Boston, moving to NYC, hanging out at the Cellar, doing O regularly) and yet they never acknowledged each other existence, not even when they were in the same studio together.They definitely had some issues with each other. But it good to hear that lately they been cool, and I was also very happy to hear Bill honest and fair take on Louie scandal. It was supposedly a decent tier steak restaurant and Sam ordered chicken tenders and didn eat them when he found out there was no ranch for them.

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