Can any of these innovations really ever beat Botox for

Five Minutes With ‘Botox King’ Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh

facebook replica Purse dialogPinterestfacebook dialogPinterestIn your opinion, what is the most covetable treatment of the moment?In terms of skin rejuvenation, I am very impressed by the results that can be achieved through the combination of PRP injections (Plasma Rich Platelets) and Fraxel—this is new to replica handbags china my clinic for 2012. Combining these two treatments maximises their benefits, KnockOff Handbags resulting in skin that Fake Handbags is firmer, tighter, and incredibly radiant.Which of Replica Designer Handbags the clinical or surgical developments of the past decade excite you most?For me, the most exciting development has been the increasingly effective use of Botox by experienced aesthetic and cosmetic doctors. Also Fraxel laser treatment, Radio aaa replica designer handbags Frequency treatments (Polaris Restore and Thermage), and the more recent introduction of Fractionate treatments, such as Handbags Replica Fractora and FaceTite.Can any of these innovations really ever beat Botox for results?In terms of muscle relaxation—to address frown lines and crow’s feet—and replica handbags online the prevention of a sagging jaw line and neck, there is nothing Fake Designer Bags to date that can beat Botox. However, it’s important to note purse replica handbags the advances of high viscosity Hyaluronic fillers like Voluma and Teosyal Ultra Deep in restoring volume to the face as part of a new Face Sculpture technique… but only if performed by a cosmetic doctor with very artistic skills!Is Wholesale Replica Bags an wholesale replica designer handbags artistic career something you would have considered in another life?I would definitely have been an interior designer or an antiques dealer—those are two of my passions away from my clinics.You travel on a weekly basis between Replica Bags Wholesale clinics. How do you counter the negative high quality replica handbags effect on your own skin?I combine Botox to cheap replica handbags the forehead, Designer Replica Bags crow’s feet, jaw line, and neck every five months with Fraxel laser treatment to my face and neck three times a year, plus Radio Frequency (RF) in between to significantly tighten skin laxity. I also have Meso Glow [an injection of anti-oxidant vitamins C, A, E, and Hyaluronic Acid] and I use Dr. Sebagh Supreme Maintenance Serum blended with my Rose Designer Fake Bags de Vie serum and new Replica Handbags Supreme Night Serum everyday. I get a minimum of 7 hours of sleep a night, follow a very strict diet—no gluten or dairy—and see a personal trainer three times Replica Bags a week, supplemented by a Pilates session and massage.What one piece of advice do you most often High quality Replica Bags give to clients?Simple: start an age-maintenance programme on a regular basis when very young—only if [a doctor agrees] you need it—with just small touches when and where necessary. Also, think ‘restoration’ not ‘transformation.’ In the long term, you will be amazed at what is possible.