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Sainsbury’s told its healthy child range misleads

Supermarket chain Sainsbury’s is being accused by nutrition experts of misleading parents best canada goose jacket for women with its new Blue Parrot Cafe range of foods targeted at children.

The products include everything from fish fingers and canada goose coat 1000 bulbs garland curry sauce to fresh fruit and are the result of a massive research programme by the retailer involving children vest, parents and food experts. But an investigation by the campaign group Focus on Food and The Observer has found that many of the most popular products compare poorly in fat content and price with their standard equivalents.

In a randomly selected basket of children’s favourites, the poor performers included burgers (less protein and more fat), fish fingers (less protein and more salt and sugar) and mashed potato shapes (twice as much fat).

Fresh fruit and vegetables selected and authentic canada goose jacket sale packaged with the Blue Parrot logo were up to three times as expensive as the non-branded equivalents. In one case (organic cherry tomatoes), there was no difference at all bar the price: the children’s version benefits of canada goose jacket was three times as expensive.

Focus on Food campaign director Anita Cormac said she was concerned that the range, which promises parents a healthier option for their children, may be misleading. ‘I would not say they are hoodwinking parents but I would say it is bamboozling,’ she said. ‘My concern is that it is can you dry clean a canada goose coat not clear unless you look very carefully at the labelling whether or not these convenience foods are more advantageous. I question the whole culture of convenience foods for children.’

Lizzie Vann, the woman credited with pioneering organic baby food 10 years ago, said any range targeted at children should be entirely organic. ‘One in two babies eat organic food now and the hope is that parents will carry that through to older children. We have to get to the roots of the problem. I question meals which are targeted at children as a whole and I believe that if parents are offered good quality fish or meat while their children get beans and chips on a menu, the parents should eat the buying cheap canada goose outlet jacket online children’s meals and let them have the good quality adult food.’

The Food Commission, which carried out a large study on children’s foods last year berlin film can you buy canada goose jacket online festival ends canada goose jacket sponsorship amid and revealed high levels of unhealthy sugars, fats and salt, criticised the products in the range which fuel the ‘burgers and beans’ culture.

Our investigation found some products appeared to be healthier than any of the comparable foods. For example, Blue Parrot wafer-thin ham contained 97 per cent pork, higher than the equivalents. Garlic baguettes, beef lasagne and cocktail sausages contained less fat and more protein than the other ranges. Cheese spread contained less protein than the best-known brand equivalent, but it was lower in fat.

Sainsbury’s said the range had been created after extensive research by its senior nutritionists and was endorsed by the Hyperactive Child Support charity. ‘The range covers 180 products and was devised with the concerns of parents in mind,’ said a spokesman. ‘We consulted 18,000 mums and kids over six best canada goose jacket for skiing months to find out what they wanted. We believe the range offers excellent quality and nutritional value. It is not intended to be just a health food range.’

He added that parents said they hated throwing food buy canada goose jacket nyc away, so wanted packaging that allowed for smaller portions, and research showed that not all parents were concerned about the salt or sugar content of their children’s food.

‘We don’t believe any other supermarket is offering such a well-researched range of foods for children,’ he said.