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Rules of the season

As Footballers’ Wives has shown like it, the beautiful game has never been more relevant to the business of looking beautiful.

Rule one: A amazon canada goose parka season is a long time in fashion. It’s a long time till August, and a season is never a one-horse burlington coat factory canada goose coat race. If one trend ruled the roost, the streets would look like the uniformed corridors of Mallory Towers, and a fashionista’s life would be a lot less interesting. In the space of half a year, contenders slip up and pretenders can you wash canada goose jacket crop up and the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune rain down among more tears, more bitching and more stupid haircuts than the Premiership.

Rule two: Each fixture needs a new set best place to buy a canada goose jacket of tactics. This season, the conundrum that’s got the fashion pundits’ Damaris knickers in a twist is whether to be a lady or a tramp. Back in September, the early running was made by the Marc Jacobs buy canada goose coat 1000 calorie canada goose jacket london buy canada goose jacket online cheap ladylike look – think Reese Witherspoon in Pleasantville. But a couple of weeks later in Milan, miniskirts buy canada goose jacket edmonton and hotpants were out in force. Which to follow? If you want to look fit for the Oscars, be a lady. If the MTV Video Awards are more canada goose coat – victoria your style, ask yourself, which would Christina and Shakira choose?

Rule three: Don’t raise false expectations. This is going to sound kinda obvious, but how good a miniskirt looks on you depends about 0.0001% on what the miniskirt is like, and 99.9999% on what your legs are like. You can put a picture of a baby hippo in a sleek mahogany frame but it’s still a picture of a baby hippo.

Rule four: Put some cash aside for the transfer window. Fact: In about four months’ time, you’ll be bored of all the stuff you buy now and will start lusting after a new “high summer” buying cheap canada goose outlet jacket online look. The trends likely to be tempting you are chinoiserie (those kimono sleeves are lovely and cool on hot summer nights) and sportswear chic (as we all like to pretend we’re fit in summer).

Rule five: Sometimes old troopers are more useful than air players. If you get a once-in-a-lifetime invitation this season, wear this dress. It’s Dolce & Gabbana. I guarantee you’ll be lifting the trophy.