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Thursdays best TV: Supergirl; Class of 92 C Out of Their League; Kitchen Impossible with Michel Roux Jr

Supergirl8pm, Sky1

Following the success of Arrow and the Flash, Sky offers up yet another DC Comics spinoff. Having fled Krypton during her youth, Supermans cousin Kara (Melissa Benoist) has had an all-American upbringing. best canada goose jacket style Shes now working for a media conglomerate and when a mystery woman halts a plane crash naturally that woman is Kara herself, having ditched her specs and donned a Lycra suit to protect her city. As usual, prepare to suspend all traces of disbelief for this action-packed caper. Hannah J Davies

Class of 92: Out of Their League9pm, BBC1

Retired Man Utd players Ryan Giggs, Gary authenitc canada goose outlet store in gta with discount price and Phil Neville, Paul Scholes and Nicky Butt staged a career reboot in 2014 by buying non-league club Salford City. This two-part documentary follows their first tumultuous season as owners, with the ex-pros attempting to reconcile top-flight ambitions with the more dilapidated world of grassroots football. Performances vary C Giggsy fails to light up the heat map, while Gary puts in the graft C but the famous five seem bland compared with Salfords outspoken supporters. Graeme Virtue

The Last Kingdom9pm, BBC2

Notwithstanding its flavour as a PG Game of Thrones, theres plenty to enjoy in this ongoing Saxon drama. Not least of these is Ian Hart as the priest Beocca, who finds himself offering soul-of-discretion, Thomas Cranmer-like counsel to Alfred and the nobles of Wessex C now facing down an advancing Viking warlord. After the wedding massacre, our wrongly accused hero Uhtred must try to find himself a lord to serve before his buy canada goose jacket australia reputation gets ahead of him. Norse or Saxon? The unenviable choice is his. Enjoyably tense. John Robinson

Unforgotten9pm, ITV

Literally every actor in Britain over 50 has had a part in this cold-case drama: Cherie Lunghi, Hannah Gordon, Peter Egan, Tom Courtenay, Gemma Jones. While this has worked wonders in places, we could have done with less of Trevor Eves hammily rendered dodgy geezer. Is he supposed to be Alan Sugar? Luckily, the central relationship between Sanjeev Bhaskar and Nicola Walker (worship her) is enough to lock on to for the remaining episodes. Tonight, gangland involvement is suspected. Julia Raeside

Kitchen Impossible with Michel Roux Jr9pm, Channel 4

Tyro cooks learning from experts might seem an over-populated genre, but this sifts something more interesting buying canada goose jacket online into the mix. Michel Roux Jr takes the mentoring mantle, tutoring proteges desperate to display their culinary wiles despite potential employers being unable to see past their disabilities. Offering tutoring and work experience, Roux attempts to help his team enter the industry. With voices seldom heard on TV, its a cut above standard fussing about sauts. Mark Gibbings-Jones