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The second canada goose coat 1000 calorie bariatric diet battle of La Plata, how not to ghost ride the whip and nine-darters

1) Manchester United’s previous adventures in the Intercontinental Cup and Club World Cup do not augur well for their prospects in Japan. In 1968 they were kicked from pillar to post by Estudiantes and had Nobby Stiles and George Best sent off for canada goose coat 1000 bulbs coupons retaliating in kind. In 2000, Vasco Da Gama’s Romario and Edmundo made mugs of the European champions with a little help from Gary Neville.

2) Has there ever been a better finale to a Heineken Cup match than the one between Harlequins and Stade Francais at The Stoop? Trailing 16-17 with the clock well past 80 minutes, up steps Nick Evans in the 29th phase of Quins’ attack …

3) Farewell Subaru and it was almost goodbye to Petter Solberg as he failed to ghost ride the whip, apparently, in Bologna and nearly lost more than his dignity.

4) Paul Lim, John Lowe and Phil Taylor landed darts’ holy grail coat, the nine-dart finish. Sticking Ted Hankey’s wafer-thin miss on the end of this compilation just seems cruel.

5) Soccer AM geared up for its annual festive cast and can you wash canada goose jacket crew dance-off with a Tyne-Wear buying canada goose jacket online derby between the high-kicking Geordie Dancer and the shape-busting Mackem Mover. Ricky Sbragia’s man rose to the challenge in stunning fashion but the Toon Dancer’s trademark “mating with the dancefloor” move to disguise his falls made it a tight-run thing.

Our favourites from last week’s blog

1) A German TV show attempts to give football kits a hip 70s makeover, including rainbow shirts and shorts and an obsession with stripes. Unfortunately, they seem to have recruited the models from the Joy of Sex manual to wear them while dancing as if they are auditioning for Top of the Pops’ reject dance troupe, Ruby Flipper.

2) We don’t think the Mother Abbess had these types of descent in mind when she urged Julie Andrews authenitc canada goose outlet store in gta with discount price to Cimb Ev’ry Mountain. First off is a Frenchman with a parachute and skis who leaps off the peak of Aconcagua and falls 3,000m in under five minutes. Then there berlin film festival ends canada goose jacket sponsorship buy canada goose parka uk amid are three chaps who think parachutes are for wusses and throw themselves off precipices to canada goose coat – kensington land head first in snow drifts.

3) More evidence, if it were needed, that Graham Taylor didn’t have a clue as England’s manager. He preferred to pick Brian Deane in England squads ahead of Wor Peter.

4) Why all the fuss about shirt-pulling? Gordon Tallis gives Premier League defenders a masterclass in the artful and violent best fake canada goose jacket tug.

5) If only Icarus had been around when wing suits were invented. Danger junkies find an even quicker way to get down a mountain.

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And finally, the best bits from today’s Guardian

1) Sachin Tendulkar puts his posse together Magnificent Seven style to play football and flog phones.

2) Evander Holyfield will get into the ring with Nikolay Valuev on Saturday night. What can the Real Deal hope to achieve against a man called best price canada goose jacket outlet usa online store Stone Head?