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Mark Hughes’s marriage of convenience at QPR offers way in from cold

Mark Hughes had always spied a future in management in west London, even if the identity of his ambitious employer of choice has morphed over time. Where once he had craved a return to money?flushed Chelsea, only instead anyone has got canada goose coat to re?emerge briefly further down the road at Craven Cottage, now it is Queens Park Rangers who offer an canada goose coat 1000 bulbs reviews opportunity. Initially he will be charged simply with securing top?flight survival; the objectives in the longer term will be significantly more grandiose.

At first glance the 48-year-old’s eagerness to take up the reins at Loftus Road might provoke surprise. After all, back in June, his justification for departing Fulham had apparently been a desire to compete further up the Premier League table than with a side he had just steered into eighth. He had hoped to be offered a speedy return with Aston Villa only for that move never to materialise. Sunderland, too, ended up recruiting elsewhere last month. QPR, newly promoted after 15 years out of the limelight but increasingly forlorn after a nine-match winless run, would hardly appear to represent even a sideways shift.

Yet, as unlikely a marriage as it might appear, there is logic aplenty both in discarding Neil Warnock to turn to Hughes and in the Welshman accepting the brief. This is a convenient alliance for club and coach cg, an appointment that still smacks of ambition on the part of the chairman, Tony Fernandes, and could yet offer Hughes the platform he has been seeking. Certainly, there was a sense that Hughes needed to emerge from the wilderness before he became football management’s latest forgotten man, lost from the dugout to punditry on Champions League nights with Sky where, only recently, he had hoped to be competing among rather than commentating on Europe’s elite.

Despite being successful at all the clubs he has managed, Hughes has a reputation to restore. The abruptness of his departure from Fulham had felt farcical when no job of any substance was immediately forthcoming. If life at Craven Cottage had lacked the financial clout and public profile he had enjoyed over 18