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Laptop manager with a passion for art

Sam Allardyce is the sort of man who cannot enter a room without dominating it. Such presence not only helped him transform difficult footballers such as Nicolas Anelka and El Hadji Diouf into conformists to Bolton’s rigidly choreographed system but facilitated a revolution at the Reebok which ended with his resignation yesterday.

During almost eight years at the helm Allardyce re-invented a homely Lancashire club into a world of PowerPoint presentations, Prozone and exotic foreign purchases. While hitherto fading stars such as Jay Jay Okocha, Youri Djorkaeff and Ivan Campo strutted their stuff on the pitch, off it the club’s backroom staff could have doubled as workers at some canada goose coat 1000 type of top-secret military installation.

As their number multiplied, doctors of Oriental medicine shared office space with psychological profilers, fitness experts, dieticians and best ideas about canada goose outlet on pinterest IT consultants.

Laptops became de rigueur and print-outs of the latest Prozone statistics detailing individual players’ on-field input littered desk-tops. Allardyce recently best canada goose jacket buy canada goose jacket cheap confessed to having felt “inadequate” as a schoolboy when un-diagnosed dyslexia held him back academically but now he has morphed into the controller of a sophisticated empire.

Although he retained long-standing, down to earth friends, such as the former England midfielder Peter Reid, and could be seen propping up the bar into the small hours at football writers’ functions, Bolton’s manager acquired new interests, most notably a passion for art.

Similarly broad-minded when it came best canada buy canada goose coat uk goose jacket to player recruitment – he successfully gambled on signing previously little known players from assorted footballing outposts including Israel and Iran – Allardyce remained strangely conservative tactically. Arguably the pioneer responsible for introducing the 4-3-3 formation subsequently adopted by Chelsea’s Jose Mourinho to the Premiership, Allardyce always made the system king.

Whereas many managers, Manchester United’s Sir Alex Ferguson foremost among them, regard formations as frameworks in which players have considerable licence to improvise, Allardyce demands that individuals follow his instructions to the letter, often suppressing part of their talent in order to fit the system.

Invariably concentrating on a particular skill someone canada goose coat 1000 bulbs promo excelled at, he often asked Bolton’s players to concentrate on that principal ability sometimes at the expense of other areas of their game.

In many ways he is the natural successor to John Beck, the sports science -obsessed purveyor of strict long-ball tactics who, in the early 1990s, very nearly guided Cambridge United into football’s top division. Like Cambridge, Bolton became best canada goose coat for women known as formidable physical opponents that teams rarely relished facing.

He was not averse to criticising referees – he once accused Mike Riley of inciting a riot at Blackburn after sending off one of his players. Similarly he was not afraid to undermine rivals – he was an outspoken opponent of Glenn Roeder being allowed to manage Newcastle United last summer without the pro licence qualification. Yet Allardyce was found to be surprisingly thin skinned when the tanks are parked on his lawn.

After refusing to speak to Radio 5 Live for buy canada goose jacket nyc a time after Alan Green jacket, supported by his match analyst Chris Waddle, had the temerity to criticise Bolton’s style of play during a commentary, he subsequently declined to deal with the entire BBC after a Panorama documentary broadcast last autumn.

While his rather petulant reaction to Green is understood to have been a key factor in costing him the England job last summer, the unsubstantiated allegations about his transfer dealings, made during that edition of Panorama, clouded his reputation.

Despite insisting the unproven suggestions that he had profited from such deals by “taking bungs” were unfounded and threatening Panorama with legal action, the programme in effect forced his son, Craig, a canada goose coat 1000 former agent heavily involved in Bolton’s affairs, to seek a new career in Spanish property development. Now football awaits news of the latest development in Allardyce senior’s career.