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Our 10 best summer recipes: Cook the Seasons part 2

Honey and lemonade with grapefruit and fresh mint

A judicious balance of sharp and sweet. This is a tipple for picnics and backyard BBQs, fetes and funfairs and daytrips to the beach. Just make sure to keep it cool, canada goose coat 1000 bulbs and to pack the mint leaves separately and add in just before serving.

Makes around 1 litreJuice of 2 pink grapefruitsJuice of 1 lemon? litre cold water, sparkling or still3-4 tbsp honeyA small handful of fresh mint leavesCrushed ice or ice cubesSlices of lemon and grapefruit

1 Combine the fruit juices in a pitcher and, if serving straight away, add the mint leaves, crushing them. Stir in the honey until dissolved. Add water, tasting as you go, to make sure it isnt too diluted.

2 To take on a picnic, add ice cubes and slices of grapefruit and lemons to the pitcher before leaving. To serve straight away, pour over crushed ice and slices of fruit.

Josephine Malene Kofod,

Chilli and coriander battered fish and chips with tartare sauce

An aromatic twist on the quintessential seaside meal.