Certainty is impossible but what may have triggered the horror

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Buff, oiled male models worked the runway in Bedazzled boy shorts, while women flaunted ’80s inspired painted denim jackets, hot pink clutches, strappy gold bondage shoes and geometric bodysuits that were so skintight I could see the Tic Tac the model ate for lunch. However, I was glad to see Rich featured one plus size model, as he usually does, and she got insane applause. As everyone knows, if you really want to shock the fashion world, feature a woman who’s heavy enough to maintain a monthly menstrual cycle..

IBIZA Cheap Christian Louboutin Shoes, SPAIN AUGUST 12: In this handout photo provided by Martini on September 4, 2012, finalists takes part in the Acting Challenge as part of the Martini Royale Casting event in Ibiza, Spain. The 28 will be reduced to 7 finalists who will compete in the Milan final in October. (Photo by Sven Hoffmann/Martini via Getty Images)Martini Royale Casting In Ibiza.

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