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Now that you have a variety of photographs to choose from, make a portfolio of your favorite and most artistic shots. Once you have a portfolio, choose the photos that you want to submit to the magazine of your choice. Edit these pictures by using software like Photoshop or Aperture.

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Not only is she wrong, but a thing that actually doesn’t exist in nature is religion. The Catholics urge women who are unmarried and pregnant not to have an abortion, but they will fire them from their jobs so that they can’t support their baby. Makes complete sense.

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When did you get benched for a sub rogue? Just zul progress? if so, when were you progging on it? A month ago? Then your guild should have zul dead long ago because he actually an easy boss and should have no problems reclearing zul with a few less rogues. Now? Then it doesnt matter because any form of relevant progress is way done and over with. My guild got our first zul kill a little over a month and a half ago with 2 rogues, and killed zul again with only 1 rogue the next week before we started our mythrax/ghuun prog.