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You can often make it more effective by soaking the wood first water expands when it freezes and a “wet bug is a dead bug.”2. Heat will kill pests if it is hot enough for long enough (the “enough” part varies by pest and wood species). Advantages: relatively easy and relatively quick; disadvantages may do more damage to the wood (color chemical changes) than to the pest.3.

Bylaws If you are forming an S Corp or a General Corporation, you will need to have a set of bylaws. While most states do not require you submit your individual bylaws, your corporation will need them to assign duties, structure how the business will be run, terms and duties of officers, and other general items required by your state. Use our Bylaws Template to guide you.

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Like nearly all recyclables except for paper, plastic also takes a long time to break down in landfills 100 to 400 years. Plastic items are usually labeled with their recycling number, from one to six, indicating the variety of plastic used in it. One and two plastic is commonly accepted in curbside recycling programs, while three through six may have special pickup schedules or store/industry run recycling initiatives..

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