Chris and Ray aren’t impressed

Unless you fell for one of the cheater traps. Developers’ Foresight: Unusually for such an early game, the parser had a surprisingly good vocabulary for the time, including several responses to things that take some odd directions. For instance, while you can kiss the princess, don’t try to “grope”, “rub”, “touch”, “feel”, “screw”, or “rape” her, or the Wizard will kill you.

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Obviously, what is considered weak varies greatly from story to story. In some stories, they’ll be almost the Muggle. In others, they’ll actually be quite powerful, but far behind the other supers. You were drafted during the Vietnam era; you’ve worked in analysis and code breaking, you know, going way back to 1965. And I think you would recognize, as I do, that this government now that spends almost the same amount as the rest of all of the world’s nations on national security is certainly in a far, far stronger position than the founders were. And maybe, you know, no government has ever been more secure, and yet they claim we can’t afford the freedoms that the Founders enshrined..

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