Collins says the 6th Massachusetts was the first regiment to

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Canada Goose Outlet The train yard extended all the way to Central Avenue. Frederick Douglass began his escape from slavery here 13 years earlier.Behind the 6th Massachusetts on that April morning 140 years ago was another trainload of about 1,100 volunteers from Philadelphia.”They had come to Baltimore in response to the president’s call for 75,000 troops to defend the capital after the fall of Fort Sumter a week before,” Collins says, a retired bureaucrat who lives in Federal Hill.He’ll lead an hourlong lunchtime tour Thursday, beginning a series of events commemorating the 140th anniversary of the Baltimore Riots that the Maryland Historical Society will play host to Thursday and next weekend. MHS manages the Civil War Museum.Collins says the Canada Goose Sale 6th Massachusetts was the first regiment to respond to the president’s order fully equipped and trained for battle.”It’s one of canada goose outlet Cheap Canada Goose those wonderful coincidences of history,” he says, “that one of the companies in the regiment, otherwise known as the Davis Guards, had come from the small town in Massachusetts which had sent a company of minutemen to the North Bridge, following Paul Revere’s call to arms 86 years before.”A war’s beginningsThe skirmishes between American minutemen and British troops at the North Bridge in Concord, Mass., on April 19, 1775, marked the beginning of the Revolutionary War, with, of course, “the shot heard round the world.””So here at the outbreak of the American Civil War on the same day almost to the hour troops from the same town were involved in hostilities,” Collins marvels Canada Goose Outlet.