Compare Sword of Plot Advancement for when a weapon has a non

Ah! My Goddess: No matter how pyrotechnic the magic, the antics of the goddesses and demons never draw the police (or possibly the Army). Not even humongous monsters like Garm. This was explained in the manga as the townspeople being desensitized to weirdness due to the neighborhood kids pulling off epic level pranks on a regular basis, or some similar Hand Wave..

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replica Purse It’s not the part that involves the hair on her head. Dressing as the Enemy: In order to get into SD HQ. Fake Out Make Out: Between Ellis and a member of the resistance group during a train wide identity check. Compare Sword of Plot Advancement for when a weapon has a non combat use in the plot rather than gameplay. Unintended examples of this trope (for example using the recoil on a weapon to jump higher) may lead to Sequence Breaking. Within the story of the game itself, the weapon might be an Improvised Weapon (if it’s a tool which could normally be used to bypass the puzzles which the game allows the player to use as a weapon) or an example of Mundane Utility (if it’s something made as a weapon which just happens to be useful for solving the game’s puzzles). replica Purse

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