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moncler outlet sale The Trump Organization in 2015 said it would partner with MNC Land, the Indonesian developer in charge of the project, to put the Trump name on a golf course, luxury hotel and residential development on the premises.The company said on Tuesday its licensing deals are separate from the China backed development of the theme park.”The theme park project is wholly owned by MNC Land and has no relationship to the moncler outlet usa Trump Organization,” the company said in a statement. “MNC Land’s relationship with the Trump Organization consists of management agreements that were signed in 2015 for luxury hospitality and residential projects owned by MNC Land at MNC Lido City and MNC Bali Resort.” (The Trump Organization also partnered with MNC on a resort in Bali, Indonesia.)When asked for comment, MNC provided the same statement as the Trump moncler coats Organization.China’s commitment to the Indonesian project comes as Trump and his administration are engaged in high stakes talks with Beijing on trade.On Sunday, in a move that surprised many, the president tweeted that he’s working with Chinese President Xi Jinping to help Chinese state controlled phone and telecom equipment maker ZTE get back into business, adding the “Commerce Department has been instructed to get it done!”Related: Wilbur Ross: US exploring other remedies for ZTE banZTE (ZTCOF) said last week that it halted its main operations after the Trump administration banned American companies from selling it vital components.Negotiations are ongoing, Trump said Tuesday morning. Chinese Vice Premier Liu He is scheduled to be in Washington Tuesday through Saturday for a second round of trade talks amid escalating threats of sanctions.Trade negotiations are continuing with China moncler outlet sale.