Does Not Like Shoes: Molly Grue goes barefoot

Getting Crap Past the Radar: The witch owns a pussy cat called “Merkin”. In one episode, when the Big Knights remove their hats of invisibility in court, the viewer gets to see two frames of Sir Boris naked as they hurriedly cover up. In the final episode it is heavily implied the knights ‘spent the night’ with the princess’s aunts, which led them to have some peculiar feelings. Flicka notes that full Occult aren’t allowed to go to her school. Femme Fatale: Audrey certainly qualifies. Film Noir: All over the place. Great Detective Hypnotic Eyes: In “The Problem of Dressing Room A” Replica Hermes, Van Dusen claims you can tell a hypnotist through his eyes. Inspector Lestrade: Detective Mallory is this to Professor Van Dusen. Van Dusen seems to respect Mallory, regarding him as a decent, if plodding detective.

replica goyard handbags Sadly Mythtaken: There are some liberties taken with the mythological aspects. But somewhat justified since the world used to be like ours, until it actually collided with that of the Norse Gods. Suggestive Collision: Happens quite a bit, but almost disappears entirely as the story gets progressively more serious. Gasshole: The man really appreciated a good fart joke. The Giant: It’s in his NAME! Subverted in that he was actually a moderately skilled Greco Roman wrestler. To give an idea of his size: he could hold a beer can in the cup of his hand, and his boot size was 22. Desperately Looking for a Purpose in Life: King Haggard is a frightening Exaggeration of what might happen to someone who never found a purpose and never stopped looking for one anyway. Even the unicorns merely distract him from the emptiness inside. Does Not Like Shoes: Molly Grue goes barefoot, although in her case it’s probably more like cannot afford shoes. replica goyard handbags

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