Fixed income trading once accounted for more than 40 percent of

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Fake Designer Bags Compensation expenses fell 8 percent to $4.01 billion in the latest quarter while total operating expenses dropped 6 percent to $6.31 billion.But as the bank enters its fifth consecutive year of declining revenue, Blankfein is facing pressure to explain how Goldman will adapt and boost revenue.Fixed income trading once accounted for more than 40 percent of Goldman’s revenue on an annual basis. But since 2009 when markets flourished briefly in the aftermath of the financial crisis the business has declining almost steadily.New rules have forced banks to hold more capital against risky trades and limited their ability to trade for their own books. A lack of risk taking among clients across fixed income markets has also put a damper on results.Analysts expect market volumes to eventually pick up, there are questions about the long term profit potential of fixed income trading businesses for Wall Street banks a debate dubbed “cyclical vs Fake Designer Bags.