For example, evangelicals should reject the notion “that

Now that needs a cause, and would have to be a fifth Big Bang. It still amazes me that theologians don bother themselves about the origin of God. They blithely claim that he didn a cause, but give us no reason why a complex divine being would be exempt from causation.

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canada goose factory sale Stephens would prefer evangelicals to embrace secular knowledge and science. This seems a tall order. For example, evangelicals should reject the notion “that humans and dinosaurs lived together,” while presumably holding firm to the canada goose outlet in usa central Christian tenet that humans have a life after death.The secular status of both propositions canada goose outlet store is the same: There is no evidence in favor of the idea, and it conflicts with everything science knows about the nature of human life.Cambridge, Mass., Oct.I love to see distinguished academics going after accommodationism, and Meister point, while obvious, can be made too often: there is no rational basis for reading scripture selectively, so you take some things as metaphor and other things canada goose outlet shop as non negotiable truths. canada goose factory sale

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