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canada goose Hathloul spent several days cheap jordan sneakers in prison before being released, and she was banned from using social media or leaving the country as the Saudi heir apparent embarked on his marathon three week public cheap jordans online relations blitz in the United States, where he met with President cheap jordans shoes Trump as well as Oprah Winfrey and others.The activist’s rendition from the United Arab Emirates, where she was studying for a master’s degree Cheap jordans , highlights the contradiction between Saudi Arabia’s public relations campaign touting reform and the reality on the ground for those asking for basic rights for women.It also demonstrates the close cooperation between the UAE and Saudi Arabia, which together have promoted a model in the region that prioritizes stability and economic development while harshly suppressing cheap jordans on sale political activism.The details of Hathloul’s forced return were recounted by people with knowledge of the incident, who were granted anonymity because they fear reprisals.Despite apparently complying with Saudi Arabia’s attempts to silence her Hathloul’s last tweet to her 316,000 followers was on March12 she was arrested again last week in what appeared to be a particularly brutal crackdown on female activists in the kingdom.A total of seven Saudis were detained five women and two men who had supported their cause, including a lawyer who had represented Hathloul in the past. They were accused of crimes cheap yeezys including “suspicious contact with foreign parties” and undermining the “security and stability” of Saudi Arabia, and they have been publicly vilified in pro government media in what activists have described as a vicious smear campaign. “This is so unneeded right after the huge cheap jordans sale effort that MBS [Mohammed bin Salman] made in the United States, presenting himself as a reformer.”Hathloul’s activism focused on women being allowed to drive and on ending the country’s restrictive male guardianship system, which meant women required permission from a male relative to access many government services.The movement had some success and had appeared to be in step with Mohammed’s vision to modernize Saudi Arabia.The kingdom granted women the right to drive last year and guardianship laws were eased canada goose.