Fortunately, the cancer had not spread but the after effects of

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Handbags Replica In my work I have been told many things in confidence. It was very important to me to keep that confidence. I don’t think of replica designer bags it as keeping up a reputation because that is not important to me. (Image: Kerry Rafferty)Two weeks after her diagnosis was confirmed, she had to undergo a wide local excision to remove the cancerous tissue. During the procedure a section of skin was removed , almost down to the bone.But more bad news was to follow as medics noticed Kerry’s lymph nodes had swollen.Kerry said: “There was a possibility the cancer had spread there too.”It was at that point that I really knew the next set of results would be between life and death.”Malignant melanoma often travels to the liver, lungs and brain and, at such an advanced stage, treatment becomes very difficult.Fortunately, the cancer had not spread but the after effects of the trauma would stay with Kerry and her family.She said: “They said they wanted to check my son Liam too to make sure he was OK. It was at that point that I really started to struggle.”Confused and upset, Kerry left her counselling job and struggled to cope with all she had been luxury replica bags through. Handbags Replica

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