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Nearly all drug trials scientifically invalid due to influence of the mind

canadian goose jacket (NaturalNews) A new study in Science Translational Medicine has cast doubt over the scientific validity of nearly all canada goose randomized, double blind placebo controlled studies involving pharmaceuticals used canada goose uk shop on human beings. It turns out that many pharmaceuticals only work because people expect them to, not because they have any “real” chemical effect on the body. As you’ll see here, when test subjects were told that they were not receiving painkiller medications even though they were the medication proved to be completely worthless. canadian goose jacket

This particular experiment involved applying heat to the legs of test subjects in order to cause pain, then adding a painkiller medication to an IV drip while assessing the subjects’ pain levels. When the painkiller drug was present, the test subjects were told about it, and just as expected their pain scores significantly dropped. But when test subjects were told the pain medication had been stopped, their pain levels returned back to the original, non medicated levels even though the pain medication was secretly still being dripped into their IVs.

Talking to the BBC, Professor Irene Tracey from Oxford University said, “It’s phenomenal, it’s really cool.

As pointed out by George Lewith, a professor of health research at the University of Southampton, these findings call into question the scientific validity of many randomized clinical trials. He said, “It completely blows cold randomized clinical trials, which don’t take into account expectation.”

canada goose black friday sale Many pharmaceuticals only work if you believe they doWhat the research canada goose coats on sale really means, you see, canada goose clearance is that the mind is the main determiner of the effectiveness of many drugs, not the so canada goose factory sale called chemical profile of the drugs themselves. This has been proven out again uk canada goose and again Canada Goose Outlet with not just painkiller drugs, but also Canada Goose Parka with antidepressant drugs which have consistently failed to out perform placebo. And how do they determine whether they’re getting the “real” drugs? By the presence of negative side effects! As those side effects begin Canada Goose Online to appear constipation, sexual disorders, nausea, headaches, etc then those participants convince themselves that they received the “real” canada goose clearance sale drugs! And from Canada Goose Coats On Sale that point, their mind makes it real! So the blood pressure actually then starts to go down, or their cholesterol numbers drop, and so on. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Parka The patients make real whatever expectation they were given when they were recruited for the drug trial in the first place. Even the act of recruiting people for drug trials sets an expectation in their minds. canada goose coats Patients, after all, canada goose uk outlet are recruited for a “cancer drug trial” or a “blood pressure drug trial” or some other trial in which the expected outcome is made evident during the recruitment phase. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats on sale This is all really important to understand so I’m going to break it down step by canada goose black friday sale step: canada goose coats on sale

Why pharmaceutical “positive” effects are actually generated by the minds of the clinical trial participants:

buy canada goose jacket Step 1: Clinical trial participants are recruited through a trial that is advertised as testing a drug for a particular outcome such as lowering blood pressure, halting cancer, normalizing blood sugar, etc. This sets the expectation of the drug effects in the minds of the patients even before the trial begins. buy canada goose jacket

Canada Goose my latest blog post Outlet Step 2: When the trial begins, the clinical trial participants are told that half will be given the “real” drug, and the other half will be given a placebo, but it’s a blind study, so no one knows whether they’re receiving the drug or the placebo. Canada Goose Outlet

cheap Canada Goose Step 3: Study participants begin to take the pills, but they don’t know whether they’re getting drugs or placebo. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose deals Step 4: Those participants who are receiving the real drugs buy canada goose jacket begin to show toxic side effects (because most pharmaceuticals are toxic to the body). This excites them because they conclude that they are on the “real” drugs! canada goose deals

Canada Goose online Step 5: Those participants who conclude they are on the “real” drugs then, through the power of their minds, cause their bodies to make real the physiological effects that were imprinted in their minds in step one! Whatever drug expectation was explained to them before the trial, in other words, is suddenly made real by the patient’s mind. Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Jackets Step 6: Meanwhile, those patients receiving the placebo pills and having no side effects convince themselves that they aren’t receiving the “real” drugs and therefore they should experience no positive physiological effects. So their mind makes that real, too, and they get no benefit from the whole experience. Canada Goose Jackets

Step 7: After the end of the clinical trial, the researchers compare the results of the placebo group against the results of the drug group, and guess what? The drug looks like it performed better! But was the drug the actual cause of that? Not at all: It was the expectations of the study subjects that made the effects real. The drugs, in other words, only look good as a result of wishful thinking.

canada goose clearance As you can see here, this calls into question the scientific validity of every randomized, double blind placebo controlled drug study that has ever been conducted. The critical scientific failure they all share, you see, is that as part of the clinical trial, the researchers set the expectations of the drug’s results in the minds of the patients. It is those minds that then made the effects real, not necessarily the drugs. canada goose clearance

This leads to the fascinating conclusion that in today’s medical system, many drugs may only work when patients expect them to because it is the patient’s mind creating the physiological effects, not the drug itself.

buy canada goose jacket cheap So how do you get around this and design a truly scientific trial that eliminates the effect of the mind? buy canada goose jacket cheap

How to design a truly scientific clinical trial using drugsThe answer to that is simpler than you think: In humans, you must eliminate the trial canada goose outlet online subjects from learning of any expectation of the drug’s effects. In other words, you can’t sign patients up for a “blood pressure drug trial” because Canada Goose sale right there canadian goose jacket you’ve set the expectation that the drug will lower blood pressure.

You essentially have to canada goose uk black friday sign people up for a trial of a “mystery drug” with no expectation of any effects whatsoever. That way, the mind of the study participants is no longer a variable in the outcome Canada Goose Jackets of the drug trial. From there, all the various physiological effects of the patients must be tracked. With the patients’ minds now out of the picture, you can get an honest assessment of the genuine chemical action of the drug itself.

canada goose clearance sale Why most clinical trials are scientifically invalidIt is fascinating, of course, that virtually no clinical trials are ever conducted in this way. Today’s drug trials are almost universally described to patients along with the expectations of the outcome. This has been done for decades under the false belief that the mind somehow played no role whatsoever in the physiology of the body. Conventional medical researchers and scientists incorrectly believed that chemistry alone would dictate the outcome of the trial. The mind had nothing to do cheap canada goose uk with it, they claimed. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose sale They were wrong. The mind has everything to do with it. In fact, the mind can make a placebo “real” and render a drug useless. The mind has near total control over the outcome of the trial. Because this has almost never been taken into account, all those clinical trials that ignored the influence variable of intention are, technically speaking, scientifically invalid. There’s no way to know whether the outcome of the trial was due to the drug or the mind. Canada Goose sale

And that makes the mind a variable in the scientific question of what is at work in a clinical trial. When the mind is at work, you cannot scientifically claim the achieved results were simply due to the drug itself. Unless, of course, you disavow the influence of the mind. And that is precisely the mistake that has been made since the dawn of modern medical science.

canada goose store The pharmaceutical industry’s “science” falls apart in the presence of the mindOnce you understand the power of the mind to either create real physiological effects in the body or nullify the chemicals being administered to the body, you immediately grasp the stunning conclusion: Big Pharma’s “science” is not scientific! canada goose store

Virtually all the results from the tens of thousands of clinical trials that have been conducted over the last several decades must now be called into question. In which trials did patients produce their own positive results simply through the power of their minds after believing that negative side effects meant they were taking the “real” drugs?

It is not a question to be taken lightly. This question, in fact, will demolish modern pharmaceutical “science” once it is fully understood. The pharmaceutical industry, you see, needs the power of the mind to make its drugs appear to work! Without the “wishful thinking” factor engaged, it is altogether likely that most pharmaceuticals simply don’t work at all.