‘”Got in the car, didn’t pay much attention then arrived here

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moncler outlet store Get daily updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribing!She said that apart from a bed bug infestation, her chalet was covered https://www.moncleroutlett.com in mouse droppings, had mould on the windowsills, dirty dishes in the sink and leftover rotten food on work tops.Leesa claimed that her and her friends cleaned it up themselves on their arrival before site cleaners arrived the next day but a couple of days later she fell ill and broke out in a serious rash.Leesa, from Ayrshire in Scotland, said: “I was shocked at the state of the place and it was pretty clear it hadn’t been cleaned for our arrival.Mum left needing plastic surgery after being savaged by dog in the street moncler outlet online fears that it could attack again”It was absolutely disgusting. I complained to reception but was told there would be no cleaners on the site until the following day.”Our only option was to go to a nearby supermarket to buy products and scrub the place ourselves.She said: “I’ve never encountered bed bugs before and the journey home was horrendous.”I had to continuously stop the car to be sick and apply cream to sooth my arms and shoulders, which were on fire.”Thankfully, I managed to get an emergency appointment with my doctor because I was in agony.”By this time the marks were all over me and I was so distressed.”After blood tests and an examination, I was told I had come into contact with bed bugs and that can only have been from the mattress I slept cheap moncler jackets sale on while on holiday.Leesa Dean’s picture of a bed at the Pontins chalet”I was totally disgusted. Knowing I had spent time lying in an infested bed turned my stomach moncler outlet store.