Groggy in the chill of a winter morning

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On February 12, Lisa Pembleton woke to the sound of a man pleading for help. Groggy in the chill of a winter morning, she was bundled inside a thin metal camper. Thick, rural darkness surrounded her. His body will then travel to Cave Hill Cemetery, where there will be a graveside service.The exact route of the procession has not been determined yet, but the vehicles will enter through the cemetery’s main gate. Schweitzer, 37, leaves behind a wife, Jessica, and young daughter, Avery Elizabeth. His wife is expecting their second child, a boy.

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Joining other members of the Finn’s community, the first order of business was to help rebuild the pub. After hours spent gutting the pub, team members went to each other’s houses, helping to tear down mould infested walls. Those left without homes moved in with each other.

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