He kills it with a gun, but not by shooting it

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Interface Screw: Some special room conditions cause this, which includes effects like hiding parts of your HUD, causing you to jump uncontrollably, and making your vision pixelated. Invisibility: One of the properties of champion enemies as well as a possible room modifier which makes all enemies invisible. King Mook: The Blob King of Slimes comes complete with a crown, but all the bosses are in some way a natural extension of a regular enemy type.

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Hairstyle Inertia: Maybe not from childhood to adult, but from the mid 1990s to around 2007, he had the same very short, buzzed, slicked back hairstyle. Later on, he grew it out about several inches or so. Human Shield: Used Layla as one, proving he was full of crap when he promised to defend the Intercontinental Championship with “the dignity of an English man”.

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