He said it is also imperative to provide employment

Speaking on the occasion, the president congratulated the students for stepping into practical life after a successful academic career. He said it is heartening for me to note that the Higher Education Commission has placed the Riphah International University at Second position fake bags in its ranking of the General Category Private Sector Universities. He added that Pakistan is a blessing of Allah for Muslims of the subcontinent who revealed to make it an exemplary country by creating a social setup free of exploitation and an example for the world to emulate. The country needs determined and ambitious young people like you for its development, progress and stability. He hoped the faculty and management of the university will continue their endeavour to make it an exemplary institution for others. He said it is also imperative to provide employment opportunities to young people. China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a blessing in this regard and our youth need to equip themselves with latest trends in science technology, trade industry to benefit from these emerging opportunities.

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