He told me he loved me in Pyar Ka Punchanam

‘Paresh Rawal has become my bestie’

Actor Kartik Aaryan is pleased as punch to star opposite the towering Paresh Rawal.

They share chemistry and comedy in their new film, Guest Iin London.

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People have said the comic timing and equation of Pareshji and me in the trailer reminds them of the on screen equation shared by Akshay Kumar and Pareshji in many of their films.

cheap moncler outlet I look up to Akshayji and Pareshji. I have grown up watching their films. cheap moncler outlet

They have incredible comic timing. You get to learn so much by just watching them.

I like the fact that people think I am a funny guy and can make them laugh.

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I got many offers, but I was waiting for the right one.

After the success of Punchnama 2, directors and producers started thinking I was choosey, but I don’t mind being one.

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moncler outlet Image: Goofing around with Paresh Rawal. Photograph: Kind courtesy Kartik Aaryan/Instagram moncler outlet

monlcer down jackets What was working with Paresh Rawal like? monlcer down jackets

He is moncler outlet uk a brilliant actor and an even better co actor.

He is a funny guy. It was a great learning experience.

Now, he has become my bestie and my 4 am friend.

I have the maximum scenes cheap moncler outlet with him in the film, so the director (Ashwini Dhir) wanted us to bond well.

moncler outlet store Pareshji always treated me like a friend, and that’s why I was so comfortable with him. moncler outlet store

We moncler factory outlet first met during the reading session. He told me he loved me in Pyar Ka Punchanam.

buy moncler jackets When he appreciated me for my comic timing, it was perhaps one of the best compliments moncler outlet store I have received as an actor buy moncler jackets.