He tweeted: “This is ridiculous

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cheap replica handbags Dustin Johnson chats with a rules official on the fifth green after concerns are raised he addressed the ball twice (Image: Getty Images)Get daily news updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy noticeMore newslettersRory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth led the outcry as Dustin Johnson ‘s hopes of landing a first ever major were replica bags and watches controversially plunged into doubt on Sunday night.The American has surpassed Irishman Shane Lowry as the final round leader of the US Open at Oakmont.But Johnson faces a an enquiry from USGA officials which could jeopardise his chances of winning the tournament.Reviews appeared to show the 31 year old addressing his ball twice, causing it to move on the fifth green.READ MORE: Rory McIlroy takes Twitter troll to task after US Open 2016 disappointmentJohnson resumed his round despite the ongoing issue which has caused great debate among the golfing community.”The rules of golf are so long and so complicated. It looks like we are talking about the ball moving and not addressing the ball,” said USA Today sports reporter, Steve DiMeglio speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live.”Dustin’s practice swings by the ball may have caused it to move.”All I know is that Dustin hasn’t played as well since he got told on the twelfth.”World No 3 McIlroy, who missed the cut to reach the third and final rounds, could not believe Johnson’s quest for glory was being scrutinised.He cheap designer bags replica tweeted: “This is ridiculous. No penalty whatsoever for DJ. cheap replica handbags

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