Her pocket would be an OK summary of her life

One might expect that sleeping six and a half to seven and a half hours (as opposed to the usually recommended eight or more) would have been associated with a higher mortality rate, but Kripke data showed it was associated with a 15 percent lower rate https://www.cheapjerseyss17.com/, a finding that the National Sleep Foundation found unbelievable. “You have to understand, the NSF is largely financed by the sleeping pill industry,” says Kripke. “I got a million subjects that prove people shouldn be afraid of restricting their sleep and seeing how they feel.”.

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If someone found her now, dead on this beach, what would anyone make of her life? “Always looking for self improvement, no time to mend things, but time to go to a play, to eat a good meal.” It’s OK, she thought. Her pocket would be an OK summary of her life. Nothing to make a book of: just a short story..

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