Here it is; the caption comes from the paper

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Canada Goose Online Share on Facebook Tweet Share Email Reddit CommentOn Monday, Facebook unveiled the $200 Portal, the first ever consumer hardware from the world’s largest social network. The toaster size gadget, along with a larger $350 version called Portal+, is a cross between a smart speaker, video camera and digital photo frame. But at a time when CEO Zuckerberg’s canada goose outlet online uk privacy and security decisions canada goose outlet store are a matter of congressional inquiry, how many people will trust one in their living room?. Canada Goose Online

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Canada Goose Jackets Nevertheless, there are plenty of Muslim historians who dispute this particular Hadith and argue Aisha was in reality aged somewhere between 15 and 21. Ififi al Akiti, an Oxford based theologian trained in traditional Islamic madrasas across south Asia and North Africa, tells me that the vast majority of official canada goose outlet classical scholars throughout Muslim history agreed on a minimum marriage age of 18 two years older, incidentally, than secular Britain’s current age of consent Canada Goose Jackets.