His family’s fortune wasn’t massive (by 1% standards)

If you don think you did anything wrong, you didn really apologize. Saying “sorry” isn apologizing. Apologizing is expressing genuine remorse. The way Oberyn affirmed Tyrion humanity with such a roundabout but simple and sincere story.I really do not know how I am going to watch next week episode and relive one of my favorite characters suffering his tragic end.I sure this is just my emotions at play, but Sansa just looks better/appropriate when dressed in dark heavy cloaks and surrounded by snow.”I hit him.” “Yes, I saw.” “I shouldn have done that.” “No. His mother should have. A long time ago.” (Sansa and Littlefinger) True story.”A lot can happen between now and never.” (Littlefinger)Rule 1 at the Eyrie: Never meet Lysa (or anyone, really) alone by the Moon Door.I think the scenes at the Eyrie would have been more compelling if they weren all right back to back.I forget if they say exactly, but I always assumed Mellissandre was putting cinnamon oil in her bath.

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