I as liberal as they come, but it pisses me off that many

There is the optics argument that the press will scream about a give away to greedy hedge fund speculators and Trump’s billionaire buddies. But Trump has shown nothing but contempt for the press and can personalize the settlement with photo ops with the small shareholders and union pension funds which were raped by the SPSPA and handsomely compensated by his settlement. I don’t think the optics issue will dissuade Trump..

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one piece swimsuits The left has a bit of an anti science wing that I cannot stand. I as liberal as they come, but it pisses me off that many liberals/left leaning types (including Greenpeace) are against GMOs. We literally have the technology to end world hunger, and misguided activists who probably haven ever experienced food insecurity keep blocking it because they legitimately don understand science. one piece swimsuits

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wholesale bikinis Cause of this gap is clear enough: “Long duration breastfeeders are more likely to be non employed in the years following childbirth, and they work fewer hours when they are employed.” This may reflect a shift in priorities or a lack of options. My own choice to quit my job felt like free choice at the time, the article makes a good point regarding just how harsh the realities of going back to work with a newborn baby can be. Harsh enough that some women may feel like there is no choice at all.. wholesale bikinis

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