“I heard the nurses talking in the hallway that this hasn’t

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canada goose outlet vip MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) “There had been a man walking back and forth down the hallway and he was like, ‘I’ll help you to the restroom’ and I was like I can make it,” she said.When she came out of the restroom she says the man followed her into her room while she laid down and began touching her.”He starts Canada Goose Coats On Sale rubbing on my legs and I’m like what are you https://www.canada-gooseoutlets.ca doing and he said well I’m a masseuse and I do this frequently at the hospital,” she said.Though she was a bit dazed from the pain medications the doctor at the hospital gave her she knew the interaction wasn’t right.”I had my sweatpants on and then he got higher and higher and I Canada Goose Online was like I don’t feel comfortable with this because canada goose store not even a doctor does that,” she said.She told the man to stop and when another patient who was sharing a room walked in she says the man left. She notified a nurse who called security.”I heard the nurses talking in the hallway that this hasn’t been the first time that canada goose clearance sale something like this has happened there,” canada goose clearance she said.The Atrium Medical Center released a statement saying: “Atrium Medical Center takes the safety and Canada Goose online security of our patients very seriously. We fully cooperate with local police departments canada goose outlet vip.