I let intrusive thoughts get to me a lot

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34 points submitted 2 days agoThank you, AB. Thank you for the fun, the competitiveness, the compassion, the leadership, and the utter excitement you brought to every single game you took the field. I sat up a little straighter either on my couch or in the stands every time you stepped into the box. I cheered a little harder each time you saved run, or threw out a runner by a millisecond. I cried when you hit 3000, and I laughed at least once anytime you sported Ranger Red. Cheers to you, and an incredible career. We love you.If anyone needs me I be curled up on the kitchen floor. canada goose outlet in montreal 6 points submitted 6 days agoI love it. I the mushier one of the two of us by far, so when she does it I know she really feeling it and putting the love on hard. I a 6 burly, hairy lumberjack looking motherfucker and she a tiny little thing who barely comes up to my chest, but when she expresses those feelings or really gushes to me it makes me feel incredibly safe and secure, and I just want to collapse into her arms and never let her go.It also the biggest non sexual turn on in existence. I get affection erections/heart ons when she does it a lot too. 1 point submitted 8 days agoFor keeping your hair in place naturally, stop using shampoo and conditioner. Just rinse and scrub it out every shower with hot water. Run your fingers through it, massage your scalp, and spend about 2 3 minutes just rubbing your hair under the stream. Your first month of this might be hard because your head is going to be creating a lot of extra oil because you been stripping it away with shampoo/conditioner daily for years. But after a few weeks it even out and you never have greasy hair, but it canada goose factory outlet won be stripped of it weight and volume by the detergents in shampoo.I haven used shampoo or conditioner in 2 years, just hot water every morning/night. My hair looks more full, is ridiculously soft, and stays in place without putting a bunch of crap in it. 30 points submitted 9 days agoMy girlfriend and I were having a bit of a fight, and went to sleep without reconciling. Didn sleep well and the fight kind https://www.thomas-sz.com of carried on into the next morning. We were cranky canada goose outlet ontario and irritable, and she rubbed me the wrong way with some offhanded comment. I mumbled “oh get fucked” under my breath and she heard it. I immediately snapped into reality and regretted it, and she started crying. I apologized, gave her space for a bit, and then went to her and wrapped her up in a hug and cried with her. We apologized over and over and made up, and used that time to air a lot of frustrations we weren communicating well and grew from it luckily. I canada goose outlet woodbury still shudder when I hear the phrase “get fucked” and can believe I ever said that to her. But it luckily opened up a fresh line of communication between us so pent up feelings don cause that again.I let intrusive thoughts get to me a lot, but the best way to deal with them is to realize she chosen you. Her number may be higher but she went through all those chundleys to find you. The FWBs were for one thing and one canada goose outlet las vegas thing only, but with you she wants the whole package. That something those dudes didn get. The ones who were in relationships with her didn get to keep her. You do.You get everything. Her love, her affection, her trust, her desire, her successes, her failures, her partnership, and HER. They didn Or they don anymore. Because she picked you.That a hard thing to realize sometimes. You guys weren arranged to get together. It not like she ended up with you canada goose premium outlet and is bummed out about it. She picked you. Made a conscious decision to be your significant other, and a partner in your canada goose outlet miami life not just your bed.Hold on to that, and understand that you the winner. You won. You beat them all, because she with you now. Her number might be high, but you love her and trust her decisions. Trust that her picking you was the best cheap canada goose relationship/sexual decision she ever made. You have that canada goose outlet 2015 over all of them.The more power you give to negative thoughts about her number, the more power you take away from yourself and your relationship with her.You won, man. Baseball season is 162 games long. You guys won the World Series when she picked you. Don worry about the losses along the way. canada goose outlet price You made it to the championship, won it all, and the parade that is your relationship is worth everything leading up to it. 2 points submitted 21 days agoI feel you man. Like I said, I deal with it a lot too. I get insecure and jealous out of nowhere if those thoughts intrude. Especially when I not around her. When we together in person, it never happens. Because I happy with her and crazy about her and nothing else matters. That ten times more important to me than worrying about her past when I alone. So I try to focus my attention on that happiness rather than waste my own time and mental health giving thought to stuff that shouldn matter.Good luck, my man. I know it tough. Believe me, I do. But it sounds like you have a great girl. I wish you two the best! 2 points submitted 1 month agoI in the same boat. Just started a job a couple of weeks ago that allows me to work from home, both full and half days.The full days I find to be easiest, I just wake up and get to work after my morning routine, but the half days kill me. If I leave at noon to work at home for the last 4 5 hours, it feels like I getting off early and I just want to come home and take the dog to the park or play video games.

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